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When change occurs we often feel a little frightened and threatened because we do not fully know the outcome of events, where we will fit in, or even how best to relate to it because it is all new. Fear of change is a hindrance in many people’s lives and it is not real, for in reality change is a constant; it is forever with us and can not be controlled. Yes, we can live our lives in a way that keeps change from occurring, but aren’t we only trying to prolong a moment so that we can feel safe, in control, and comforted with our reality? It is best to be present, to let all that occurs in life to happen because this path is what leads us down the road we are meant to be on. We are not meant to exist forever in yesterday because we are afraid of what might come next.

When we let go of the fear of change, of what might come, we release ourselves into what might be.We can start to see change as a possibility, as a promise, as something that brings us joy. When we open up ourselves to see the future and change as growth, as real, as powerful, and as something that is even meant to occur, then we are more present within ourselves and our lives. We can then see the truth behind the moment without fear clouding us over. To accept anything that may come is to first believe that life is not something to fear. This allows what is meant to be to happen, to become part of you. Fear of change is really expecting the worst. Can you admit to yourself that change has the possibility of being better than you expect, that it is what is supposed to happen?

The truth is change occurs normally and naturally in all moments. We just do not see it this way. We change every day and when we let go of the struggle of pretending otherwise, the bigger changes seem a lot less threatening. Our survival depends on our growth, on our moving forward in life, not in living in our yesterdays. So open up, accept that what may come is just as it should be and fear of it only hinders what is truly possible to come. To live free of fear of change is to release the idea that we can control it. To live with change is to accept it as it is, to even welcome it and whatever it may bring. When you are open to change the possibilities are endless.

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Accepting Change

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This article was published on 2011/04/25