Change the World - To Change the World You Must Change Ideas

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If you want to change the world you must change ideas. Despite all appearances exterior conditions do not cause wars, poverty or disease. Thinking does. Thinking starts wars and thinking can stop them. To change the world then, start with yourself first.

The goal of changing the world can often seem so remote that many people become frustrated and turn pessimistic. If you want to change the world but think it can't be changed one whit you are disillusioned. If you want to change the world for the better at any cost to yourself or to others you are a fanatic.

To change the world you must begin by starting where you are, whether it's in the corner of a room or an office, on an assembly line, in a classroom, in the ghetto, or in the boardroom. Begin by finding value within yourself and recognizing that no one can bring to the world the gifts, knowledge, experience, and particular viewpoint that only you can provide.

If you want to end war you must change the way people think about war. What are the beliefs and ideas that cause war for example? What are the beliefs and ideas that cause poverty?

Our ideas and beliefs create the events that we experience both individually in our private lives and en mass in the world at large. If your finances are in bad shape begin to examine what you believe about money. If you want to have a lot of money for example but believe that money is the root of all evil then these two ideas will often cancel each other out. If you are in bad health begin to examine what your ideas are about the ways in which you express yourself. Are you holding back expression out of fear of not being accepted or that it is wrong to express yourself and your ideals? These ideas are intimately connected with your health and financial well being.

To change the way the world thinks you must change the way you think. Bad health or bad finances can weigh you down and prevent you from being creative and following your dreams. Examine your ideas and beliefs and determine which of them is holding you back, and insert new ones that will help you to grow and develop in more positive ways. It can be done.

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Change the World - To Change the World You Must Change Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/04/01