Corporate leaders must display enzymatic and catalytic characteristics

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Leaders need to exhibit the property of an enzyme as well as the characteristics of a catalyst.  Organizations need to build some of these leadership qualities in the people if the organization aspires to grow in leaps and bounds.  Every growing organization needs leaders with enzymatic and catalytic properties. The chemistry of leadership only can bring right chemistry among people in the organization.


How do we understand and relate the terms ‘enzyme' and ‘catalyst' in a corporate situation in a broader sense?  The enzyme by definition is a chemical substance that initiates the chemical reaction by them undergoing a definite change in their properties whereas, the catalyst, while initiating the chemical reactions, they remain stable and will not undergo any change in their chemistry or property.


Leadership disposition definitely require both these qualities.  When they mentor the team for results, they need to exhibit definite enzymatic activity or characteristics.  Leaders need to work with the team in a participating manner.  To work with the team in real sense, the leaders must liquidate or abdicate their ego or the ‘status' and must impose some changes within them.  No change is possible without bringing certain changes within every leader. 


If we study the nature to learn and understand the science of the ecological succession, all the species in nature have shown the changes in a bi-directional way and were never unidirectional.


An animal or a plant when appears on the ecosystem, they tend to change within first and later attempt to change its environment.  The newly formed ecosystem (changed ecosystem) call for further change in the plant and thereby next level of plant-environment interaction would initiates the subsequent change and such changes are called ‘seral' changes. This is how different communities of plants or animals and different ecosystems are formed. 


Change from within first is the key precursor to bring change outside the space of an individual.   Corporate employees must be very sensitive of the above natural principle.


Why leaders also need to be very catalytic?  In the universal law of inevitable change, one has to ‘change' but also must remember that he or she must act as catalyst in bringing certain changes in his or her ecosystem as well.


The second dimension is all about how well the leaders can influence the system and people without getting influenced.  Too much of an enzymatic property if leaders exhibits, they may loose respect and value as such leaders will be treated to be very weak and ‘yes for anything and everything'.  Therefore, the leaders also need to be very catalytic.  


The influencing power and firmness, the leaders must exercise and simultaneously they have to ensure the required change is happening in the team. 


The leadership disposition demand leniency & flexibility and also rigidity and firmness like a coconut tree i.e. although it bends and move hither and thither during wind but remain firm.


Let the corporate employees have some chemistry exposure so they can emerge as wonderful leaders.

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Corporate leaders must display enzymatic and catalytic characteristics

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This article was published on 2011/08/14