Obama - A True Pioneer of Change

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The 4th of November, history was made in the United States of America and the entire world after the African American Democratic presidential nominee Barrack Obama emerged from the election result with a landslide victory. This was really an emotional moment not only for the president elect and his family whose tears uncontrollably rolled down their cheeks, but to every touched living soul that was anxiously craving for that genuine change to occur.

Change was inevitable to prevail by all means in America so as to save the miserable downfall of the great nation and the world super power from its economic policies, foreign policies and social and political policies.

But most important of all, change had to occur in the social sphere of the Americans since America claims to be the pioneer and custodian of democracy in the world. So what transpired in the political history of America on that day was a true manifestation of true democracy. The world applauded America for this and especially for choosing Obama who had endeared many.

Although, earlier on there were speculations going on that anything weird might surface at the last minute to sabotage Obama's victory, but thank god nothing happened.

What made the occasion tick was the fact that a precedent had already been set and the old conservative traditional belief that White house is only for white folks had finally been broken, at least for the first time in many years!

This paves way for not only black folks to actively take part in the America's political scene but also those underprivileged due to their racial background to stand up and reaffirm their positions.

Now the president elect must be very careful since he is treading on very slippery ground, he is taking office when the country is in its most difficult of times, that is politically, socially and worse of it all economically. Much as he is the president of all but he is specifically representing the black race. So his success during his tenure will be a great testimony for the black race and the opposite will doom the black generation.

Finally, we are hoping that this will be a new era of change and the same spirit of change will be transformed in other parts of the world especially Africa and send a wakening call to leaders like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and the like.

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Obama - A True Pioneer of Change

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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