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In the past, I had a disdain for America. When did I develop this angriness toward the American government? It began on the aftermath of the September 11 attack. So readers, it's important to note that I was in full support of the Clinton administration and the early part of the Bush administration. As I said earlier my disdain for the American government was because of the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. This is so because of the poor handling of the situation. I will attribute Bush major problem to poor advisers, and also, may be to family prestige. Where it has been said he went to war to complete what his father started during the gulf war, as has been insinuated in some quarters. Bush poor handling of this crisis, coupled with blatant disregard to United Nation orders, because of United States status as a world power did not go down with many people. Under Bush regime, American rating in comity of nation as a country worthy of emulation in relation to democratic principles fell. This is why Obama' triumph has brought joy all over the world.

McCain's defeat in the US election boils down to Bush handling of the country affairs and also to Obama rigorous campaign. Obama election is an election of change. During the democratic primaries, he surmounted a formidable opposition (Hillary Clinton). This was possible through two loyal political operatives: David Axelrod, his chief strategist and a Chicago veteran with history of working to elect black candidates in majority white contest; while David Plouffe a former Capitol Hill aide and Axelrod protege, devised a strategy for the democratic nomination that concentrated on picking up delegates in caucus states that Mrs. Clinton ignored.

His message of change ensured he won the primaries and US election. His victory was also helped by the economic crises that engulfed the United States and the world in general. His election created some historical milestone which include but is not limited to

1) The highest percentages of voters turn-out since 1908 with turn out of 65.7%. Turn-out in 1908 was about 64%.

2) Obama became the first democrat to win a majority of American voters since Jimmy Carter 1976 election.

3) He became the first African American president.

While republicans and Mrs. Clinton saw the political possibilities of the internet as gimmicks; Senator Obama made it central to his campaign and his fund raising apparatus, generating almost 1 billion dollars, another record.

As a Foot Note; senator Obama unprecedented success is based on a number of factors which are best captured in two folds: change and hope. His campaign was predicated on change; the change we need and the change we believe in.

With these words, I hope change will be wrought in our life, in our mind and in our soul. A change to make the world a better place.

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Reference: guardian newspaper, November 6 2008

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Obama and Change

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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