Oil Change Additions

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Much like and oil change, a tire rotation is an important part of the maintenance of your vehicle. When you make an appointment, mention that you would like to have this service perfomed as well. It can make sure that your tires are wearing correctly and let you know if something is wrong with one of the wheels. While there is an additional cost, in the long run, this is something worth investing in.

If you are already going to be at the shop, you may want them to take a look at any other tire issues that you have. Do you notice a funny vibration or a sound that doesn't seem to be normal? Ask for an inspection of the tires. Because of car is already going to be raised, this is a great time to have them looked at. Ask them to check the tread, check for nails or screws, or any other problems.

Brake Repairs

While most people remember to have an oil change, they may overlook the fact that they need to have the brakes checked. While this is something that needs to be considered for safety reasons, this is a regular part of vehicle maintenance. While the car is up in the air, it is easy to at least give the brakes a visual inspection. If you want to have an more complete inspection, be sure to make a request. Again, while this may be an upfront cost, it is an investment in the overall care of your car.

If you do need to have the work done, consider having it taken care of at the same time as the oil change. This will save you a visit to the shop and will prevent you from having to come in just a few days later. You can get everything done at one time and be inconvenienced once. Take the time to pack a few extra things to keep you busy while you wait.

No matter what type of work you need done to your car, take the time to find the right shop to take it into. An oil change may not seem like a big deal, but you want to find a place that takes the time to take care of the regular maintenance of your vehicle just as well as it handles the big problems that you may encounter. Check around and find a local shop that takes care of you as a customer. Find a place that you can trust, that you can depend on and a place that makes sure that you are offered the best prices with the highest quality in customer service.
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Oil Change Additions

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This article was published on 2011/02/05