Political Correctness - Can We Survive?

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Today's politically correct world is hindering the choices our politicians are making in Washington. In fact, Congress is tied up in grid lock while nothing gets done! Partisan bickering will unfortunately continue until the presidential election.

As some of the defining issues of our time are being debated on Capitol Hill, why is it that year after year the American public elects politicians who empower change and yet we find ourselves frustrated and angry at the incompetence of both parties.?

Why? The reason is that political correctness has risen to new levels never before seen. As an example, according to National poles released yesterday, the American public agrees that more drilling and exploration for oil domestically is a vital & necessary step to begin reducing the price of gas at the pump. By drilling right now, Citizens would see a slight change in the price short term, but innovation into alternative energy means is required for a long term solution.

The Democratic Party has had a long standing policy of anti-drilling. Since the late 70's, America hasn't developed ANY refineries, nor has the US Government expanded oil production. Meanwhile foreign dependence on imported oil has been the rule. The problem is that our politicians continually fight for political power and their main focus is getting "RE-Elected". This continued cycle has hindered the People's will and views.

Today's politicians are now literally being run by special interest groups. From environmental groups to labor unions to the lobbyist. These types of groups have become evermore powerful as we watch our politicians "dance" when they pull their strings. This is why we hear so many different positions on any one issue facing our nation.

Weather its the Republicans not admitting there's a problem concerning global warming, to Democrats dening domestic oil production, the problems America faces in the 21st century need to be dealt with concise action and at the will of the American public. We cannot afford to continue the path of political correctness.

When will the American public stand up and demand our politicians take action. Somehow we've forgotten that we're Americans first not just republicans or democrats. As interest groups continue to divide our nation with left or right mentalities, our nation suffers due to the lack of action. Its no wonder the President and Congress's approval rating is the lowest in history.

For the RIGHT, take a look around, the polar ice caps are melting at astonishing levels, violent storms continue to ravish the world. From tornados in the mid west to tsunami's in the east to rising economies in India & China. Pollution is making a mark on the environment. It's not rocket science letting us know "Mother Nature" is angry. Global Warming exist, you just have to open your eyes.

For the LEFT, continuing to preach "We need to Develop new energy" as a solution to the high gas prices will not help in the short run. The technology exists to drill for oil offshore as well as Anwar and other areas. The environmental impact can be minimized and carried out with efficiency. The will of the people say Drill Now, and yet you deny the plausibility, America's future is at stake!

Finally, the true power of the American People is not merely electing a President, Congressman or Senator, it is the persistent direct communication we make with our elected officials.

Here are a few words that may resonate, If you don't vote, don't complain. If you don't complain, don't expect change. If you expect change, change your communications. Direct contact with elected officials is the fastest way to solve America's Challenges.

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Political Correctness - Can We Survive?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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