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People are trying to create stability on the one hand and innovation on the other hand.
 Regenerate with a new appliance or a new outfit is a matter of routine.
 But what about the resume with a new idea, something to create a self-realization?
Concerns arise here already. In nature, everything is renewed every day! True, the sun is the same sun and the sky is the same sky
 But does every day are exactly the same?

Of course not!

The plants grow new leaves and flowers. Wither and grow old to new.Cells in our body also renewed all the time.
 So basically created our opportunity to live!Greatest innovations were created after a particular need;- Fax- Phone- Internet

- From a phonograph we tapes, CDs Evron tapes, discs moved to the Internet ... And the list goes onEvery person has a necessity of self-fulfillment and renewal.
It creates interest, high self-esteem, confidence, empowerment and advancement in life. So the question is why we as human beings is difficult to initiate change and renewal. The answer consists of several parts unified under a single heading: self-fulfillment. 

 A. Our insecurity often makes it difficult to believe that we can or we have something new to offer
Two. The most part we are concerned how the environment will respond to change or renew
Three. We fear changes
Four. Attempts of the past have taught us better to stay in the current situation
Five. Our self-image and creates a low fear to express ourselves
6. What we think we can and what we are capable of it are 2 different things
Seven. Routine does not allow

All these and more are the list of excuses that we justify ourselves every day and every hour.The result is wilting and lack of exercise. When we choose to stay with the existing, afraid to renewal and change, we actually create a situation of lack of self-realization and not allow ourselves to develop the potential that exists in us.Like I said, regeneration allow us to exist, live.

Work allows us to raise our self-image. Live with confidence, create empowerment in our lives and the lives of those around us. But the fear is paralyzing!People usually choose black color have a lot of courage to change their wardrobe colorful wardrobe! I remember the first time I wrote an article. Tremendous amount of fear questions and concerns through my head;Would they call it?Will they like it?Do I really have nothing to say?And later I discovered that my sharing many donor. People identify with, people crying, people are growing!For my boldness could contribute to many! Everybody wants to leave a mark or a fingerprint in the world. Anyone can.

The question is what should give up to create it. This requires a process that will enable to create self awareness in order to loosen the barriers and fear. Women before birth do not know what that entails yet, the pain is forgotten, and they bring the world more children.
 Remember that the world has to evolve and innovate.And maybe, if you agree to dare, you will be the next thing!History has shown that the biggest Hhthdsoiot created out of difficulty and / or personal need.

Self-awareness will allow you to understand where the difficulty and what your need for change, renewal and fulfillment in this world.Good luck!
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This article was published on 2012/02/28