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I am a single mother of a beautiful daughter, Jessica Alexis with a passion for writing and speaking to motivate and inspire women toward change. So you may wonder what makes me a cut above the rest. We are taking this journey to accomplish our total weight goal together...naturally. We will develop a mind-body connection to lose unnecessary weight from the body and soul; and gain needed spiritual muscles to maintain our overall health. According to KJLH Radio Personality, Kevin Nash said "to be a better person takes desire, determination, discipline, and opportunity to practice; test and trials will provide the training ground". We are ultimately responsible for whom we choose to be, and our self-esteem follows the same path that we choose to live. When it comes to change it is never easy for anyone including myself. However, I am learning that change is good and I should embrace it and become more flexible for a life transformation that will develop my God potential as a woman. How about you? What's in your life that you can change? Is it realistic? Let me be the first to motivate your thinking by sharing the change I want in my life.

Here I was a woman of faith and mother of a beautiful daughter who lived in hell on earth! I prayed, attended church and Sunday school regularly, but I still experienced no or little change. Why? The truth is I was still conformed to the world. In Romans 12:2 says "...be not conformed to this world..." As a woman of faith my character was not to resemble others living a life of sin and wrongful thinking. You may say Jan I don't party, drink, smoke, or engage in promiscuity...neither do I but I was still conformed to the world by allowing the negativity, pain, and suffering to dominate my life to the point of almost self-destructing and not trusting God! It doesn't take much to become conformed losing control and our focus from what we dream to accomplish-I was a perfect example of a disaster waiting to happen. In this same Scripture we are exhorted further to "...be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds..." The word "transformed" in Greek is metamorphoo denoting a thorough and complete change in form and structure. It is an act of withdrawing or breaking away from a life of sin and submitting ourselves to a new life in Christ-having our minds completely restructured and made over.

When our minds are made new in the Spirit, we begin to see the fullness of our Salvation; we live more successfully, and accomplish greater things - when there is a conscious effort to change. It is then we are able to experience the latter part of this Scripture "...that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect will of God". What areas in your life are still conformed to this world? What have you learned from God's Word and failed to make a conscious effort to change? Be honest with yourself. Renewing our mind is a lifestyle not an experience; but by the lifestyle you will experience greater blessings. Ask yourself these questions: Do I like change or do what I can to avoid it? Are there parts of my past life that I hang on to or want to go back to? And do I really want growth and change in my life? It is all about transforming your life to accomplish our weight goal, and live out our God potential. We are state of the art, because our Creator built us to last, so ponder these thoughts until we read again.

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Jan is an inspirational writer and aspiring author that is about real change and soundness of the body, soul, and spirit, and writes to inspire, motivate, and encourage change. She is a graduate of Ashford University, where she received her B.A. in Psychology, and is currently attending Argosy University pursuing her Master's in Forensic Psychology. Jan is well-respected as an inspiration writer, motivational speaker, and dynamic teacher. Go to her website: http://www.janthewriter.com

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This article was published on 2010/04/01