What is Persuasive Speaking?

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What Is Persuasive Speaking?

Persuasive speaking can be characterized as a skill that facilitates change in someone’s beliefs, viewpoints and actions. The main objective of persuasive speaking is to alter one’s thoughts just by using straightforward and uncomplicated statements.

The advantage that persuasion can give is endless. And people even in the most diverse fields can benefit from it. Persuasion can help you reach your goals with ease, and enhance the way you communicate with people.

Persuasion and behavior

Wanting to change other people’s behavior is a natural human desire. To most of us, it can either be an ordeal, or a highest form of achievement. Whether you just want a person to agree with your opinion, or want to drive them into action, being able to elicit behavioral change spells the success of persuasive speech.

The intricate way in which the human mind works may make it hard for anyone to achieve the purpose of persuasion. One cannot just compel someone to do something against his own beliefs nor can one push a normal, sane individual to change his behavior.

People are wary of change because they are brought up thinking that change can only bring destruction to what once is stable and peaceful.  Time is a good teacher, and our ancestors ‘views have been formed through experience. And they believe that the only way to secure survival is to embrace the conventional or the tried and tested way of living.

At present, though people are still defiant of accepting change, you can still use persuasion by appealing to their emotions, employing good judgment and rationalization. For instance, if you’re trying to sell your product to a consumer, you can add that your product comes with a 50% discount. A deal that is hard to surpass by any other competing brands in the market.

By stating this, people who want to get a good bargain will easily let their guards down. The price difference and the thought of saving a lot from their budget, an offer that is so hard to resist, will become the pivotal point of the discussion. This can further influence their decision and whether they would allow the offer to change their minds.

Thoughts and emotions

Humans as rational beings with capabilities ranging from complicated problem solving to common sense are still easily influenced by their emotions. People’s emotions play a big role in our decision making, and in overall survival.

Our emotions can affect the way we think, while our thoughts can also impact our emotions. Learning about the different facets of how a person process his thoughts can help in utilizing different approaches in persuading. Since people may process their thoughts differently, it is best to focus on your target group and how their thinking process can be influenced to undergo behavioral change.

Because it is impossible to create a fit to all strategy that could work on anyone in different circumstances, the best way to master persuasion is still by constant practice and thorough study.

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What is Persuasive Speaking?

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What is Persuasive Speaking?

This article was published on 2012/04/24