Why do I need to change my life?

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Life of a common man has turned out to be pretty monotonous and boring these days. Most of us are stuck in 9-5 day job and after that, we aren’t able to do anything exciting. In this way, we lead most of their lives and eventually, it turns out that we have wasted a lot of their time. The thing is everyone wants to achieve some goals in their lives and in order to achieve them, they usually get stuck.

Therefore, it is important that every now and then, you should take some time out to think about your lifestyle. It would help you to understand what you really need in life. Otherwise, after spending years in your routine life, one day you will just say, “I need to change my life.”

But this isn’t the way things are going to work. You need to make sure that what changes you want in your life. You should know the repercussions and understanding of your circumstances too. May be it sounds a little bit difficult but nothing comes easily. Isn’t it? The thing is you have to look at your situation and after that, you should take some decisions about a change. You can follow your dreams but they should be based upon the ground realities of your life.

Most of us are stuck in our daily 9-5 jobs where we live from paychecks to paychecks. We rarely make any savings and after few years, we start realizing that we should have done something else. This is where we think about needing a change in our lives.

There are many people who just quit their job because they feel frustrated. But that’s not the solution. You need to have a clear strategy in your mind before quitting your job that is putting food on your table. If you want to start your own business or change your field, you should sit and think about the pros and cons first. After that, you can also talk to different people about your options. This will give you an insight view of what you are getting into. It is better to start part time and work towards making it your full time profession.

If you are planning to change your profession, I would suggest taking some courses while continuing your day job. This will help you in understanding more about that particular field and after that, you would be able to take the right decision.

Bringing some change in life is easy but sustaining that change is difficult. You can only sustain it if you have thought about it properly before bringing that change. There are many people who says, I need to change my life. and they take decisions in a jiffy. But after some time, they start thinking that they have made the wrong decision. This is not how it is going to work.


If you really want a change, make sure that you are ready for what it takes to bring that change. Only then, you would be able to see the positive results.

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Why do I need to change my life?

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This article was published on 2013/03/01